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SI.com's excerpt of The Biggest Loser Bootcamp began this week with The Bootcamp Philosophy, and will continue with today's final workout—"Rise and Grind"—which follows the "Courage" workout from yesterday, another great example of the many things you'll find in the book.

Morning motivation: Keep aiming high

Never lower your standards. We’ve seen so many contestants on The Biggest Loser who, before coming to the Ranch, had never pushed their own limits. They had no idea how much strength and possibility they had inside them. Refuse to lower your own standards. We want you to rise up to the high standards that you deserve to reach— that we know you can reach during your workouts and in the rest of your life. Now that’s a recipe for greatness! 

Workout rise and grind

40 minutes | Warm up for 5 minutes

Get up and give it your all today! Every day, even if you don’t want to, rise and grind through your workout. You’ll always feel better for it. 

Cool down for 5 minutes

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