Tough Mudder introduces all-new obstacles for 2017 events

Tough Mudder unveiled new extreme obstacles for the 2017 competitions, including the Augustus Gloop, Arctic Enema: The Rebirth and more.
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This week, in conjunction with the World's Toughest Mudder season-ending competition, Tough Mudder unveiled its new obstacles and special features for previous event participants for 2017. Some of the new obstacles—which join other classics such as the 10-foot-high walls, fire walk and muddy pools—will debut on Saturday Nov. 12 at World’s Toughest Mudder, ​the 24-hour extreme endurance race. Others won't be seen until the season starts up again in spring 2017, but that doesn't mean you can't start preparing for your next mud-run obstacle race now. Below are some of the highlights to Tough Mudder's additions for the new year.

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The upriver battle: Augustus Gloop

August Gloop 4.jpg

Think of this as a water slide, except your task isn't to free-fall your way down with your hands up high. Instead, this obstacle puts you into a pool of chest-deep water. Then you must make your way up a vertical, confined tube that resembles a vacuum hose, all while a cascade of water gushes down on you from above. 

The jungle gym gone wild: Funky Monkey, The Revolution

Funky Monkey- The Revolution 3.jpg

The Funky Monkey is a standard obstacle in current Tough Mudder events. It's typically a test of pure upper body strength and determination, as participants must complete a long stretch of ascending rungs, monkey bars and trapeze mechanisms while dangling over a pit of water. This new version is a literal "spin" on the original—the obstacle goes from monkey bars to a series of revolving wheels, with the cold pool of water still sitting underneath.

The cold tub tunnel: Arctic Enema, The Rebirth

Arctic Enema- The Rebirth 2.jpg

The ice-filled pool in a Tough Mudder is a shocking part of the race, but with the "rebirth" of this obstacle, participants will not only have to submerge themselves under a wall before escaping the water, they must also slide down a confined, dark tube head first into the icy pool. 

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The acrophobia​ addition: The Reach Around

The Reach Around.jpg

Test your fear of heights with this obstacle that stands at nearly 20 feet tall. The climb is more than straight up and down—participants must use their strength to scale the odd angles of the ladder-like obstacle. 

Tough Mudder is also adding new challenges for its "Legionnaires," or participants who have completed at least one event. Those obstacles include the Snot Rocket, a beefed-up version of the Augustus Gloop, the Black Hole, a more intimidating​ version of the Birth Canal obstacle that adds 100-pound water-filled barriers to the confined space, which participants will have to crawl through in total darkness. At the end of the race, Kong will present a new challenge at the finish line, as the 30-foot obstacle will have participants swinging like Tarzan from one floating ring to another with increasing distance between them.