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5 dreamy gadgets that will help you sleep better

We've rounded up five gadgets that will help you get a better night's sleep, from recovery pajamas to alarm clocks and tech-savvy pillows.

If you're having trouble getting some zzz's or simply trying to get better quality sleep each night, look no further. As science has evolved, so have the gadgets that utilize that knowledge. From alarm clocks to pajamas that help you recover after a tough workout, to a tech-savvy pillow, we've rounded up five devices that will help you next time you crawl into bed.



Available at, $149.99

This voice-activated alarm clock wants to be your better-sleep concierge. To help you engineer the perfect sleep environment, its internal sensors can assess the temperature, humidity, light and even air quality in your bedroom, alerting you to any problems that may impede quality rest. The alarm clock, which you can program with simple voice commands, can also monitor your sleep cycles to wake you with glowing light and soft music when you're least likely to be in deep sleep and therefore groggy. Sense comes with a Sleep Pill--a sensor you clip onto your pillow that lets you keep track of your sleep length and quality, thanks to an accompanying app.

Smartshaker 2


Available at, $29.99

For all its upsides, sharing your bed with another person presents challenges, especially in the morning. This alarm tries to fix that by shaking you awake with a vibration, programmed from your smartphone, that only you can feel. Simply slip the vibrating disc under your pillow and choose to be roused at one of three levels: normal, strong or, if you need a vigorous shake, earthquake. Get it now

Aromatherapy Diffuser


​Available at, $42.97

Devotees of aromatherapy have long known what some studies are now bearing out: scents can be used therapeutically to trigger beneficial mood changes. A few studies show that lavender, for instance--which you can dilute and then diffuse into the air using this device—can help you get better, deeper sleep. Get it now

Zeeq Pillow


Available at, $299

It feels like a normal memory-foam pillow, but this one is stuffed with sensors, vibrating panels and tiny speakers all designed to improve your rest. When you snore, it gently buzzes to nudge you into a new position, and it wakes you to music only you can hear. Come morning, the app spits out a rundown of your night's activities: how much sleep you got, how much (and how loudly) you snored and more.

Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear


Available at, $80+

Some evidence suggests that far-infrared energy can ease pain and stiffness, and that's the principle behind Under Armour's new line of pajamas, inspired and endorsed by New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. They're lined with a material that the company says absorbs body heat and reflects back far-infrared energy. The idea: less pain, which leads to better sleep—and a better performance.

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