EA Sports College Football 25 reveals Dynasty Deep Dive

What you need to know as EA Sports reveals another piece of its College Football 25 video game.
EA Sports College Football 25
EA Sports College Football 25 / Electronic Arts

EA Sports College Football 25 drops later this month, and with the release coming up fast, Electronic Arts revealed its deep dive into Dynasty Mode this week.

Developers wanted gamers to experience what's it like to be a coach in the new game, and the recruiting version of Dynasty Mode got a complete upgrade in addition to the coaching carousel and the ability to build your own head coach.

"What we found was that both current and former coaches broadly fit into three main categories," EA said in a release on Dynasty Mode.

"Some are incredible recruiters, while others are motivators who maximize the potential of their players, and lastly, technicians out-scheme their opponents with on-field X's and O's.

"There were also a number of coaches who were more of a hybrid between two categories. For example, there were coaches who were great at both recruiting and X's and O's.

"After breaking down hundreds of coaches, two things were loud and clear: no coach was great at everything and there is no single path to being a great coach."

EA Sports College Football 25 Rankings Week

Electronic Arts debuted its Rankings Week with atop 25 poll of the toughest stadiums to play in college football, something that certainly got people talking ahead of CFB 25's July 19 release.

Then, it was a release of the best offenses in the game, and following that, a prediction of the best defenses.

Then, as the grand finale, EA Sports unveiled its top 25 rankings for the best overall teams. And with each reveal, fans furiously debated and dismissed many of the selections that were made.

Who is in CFB 25?

Just about everyone, with nearly every major college football star taking part in the game, with the only big holdout being Texas quarterback Arch Manning.

Some prominent freshmen might be missing from the action if they haven't enrolled at schools yet or received their official school email address, which is needed to register.

EA Sports originally planned to include 11,000 players in CFB 25, but received word from more than 14,000 players who wanted to take part, according to reports.

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EA Sports last issued its popular college football video game more than a decade ago, back in 2013, after which the company announced that it was discontinuing the game.

Then, after the creation of the new NIL rules two years ago, EA went public by announcing that the game would return at some point in the future.

After a long wait, and with many intriguing previews, the future is closer now than ever before.


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