May 16, 2014
Kyle Farnsworth recorded his third save of the year on May 12 against the Yankees, but was then demoted and released by the Mets.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Of course, it's hard to believe anything Collins says, because he indicated this week that Familia was in line to be his future ninth-inning guy, and before that, he was saying that Daisuke could be their future closer. Everything is relative, and when I say that Mejia looks like the guy to own right now, keep in mind that that could totally change within the next 24 hours. That being said, Mejia and his starter eligibility appears to have the inside track on being the Mets new closer, and for that, he needs to be owned everywhere... probably.

Carlos Beltran could possibly be out until August with a bone spur in his right elbow.
Guillermo Hernandez Martinez/SI

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