Tyrell Williams Fantasy Football Value on the Decline in 2020

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Raiders wide receiver Tyrell Williams had a hot start to the season in 2019, catching a touchdown in each of his first five games. Williams then had a scoring drought as his next touchdown didn’t come until December. Las Vegas made it a priority to bolster their receiving corps this offseason by making Henry Ruggs the first wide receiver picked in this year’s draft and signing former first round pick Nelson Agholor to a new contract. Fantasy Football players are not confident in drafting Williams as nothing more than a late round flier. His current Average Draft Position is outside the Top 200 and outside the Top 70 for wide receivers.

For more fantasy football insight on the Raiders receiver, read the transcript from Ben Heisler and Frank Taddeo’s analysis: 

Bill Enright: After a strong start to the season in 2019, Tyrell Williams quickly faded off the fantasy football radar, a little bit due to injury, a little bit due to poor production. But he did start the season off hot. Are fantasy managers going to remember that when it's time to draft him in 2020. Let's find out what the experts say by talking with Ben Heisler and Frank Taddeo. Ben, I'm going to start with you. Williams had a string of games where he scored every single week, and as soon as people started putting him into their lineups, really let them down. Are you drafting or passing Tyrell Williams in 2020.

Ben Heisler: He's probably worth a gamble going in like the 12th or 13th, maybe even the 14th round for Tyrell Williams. And you're right, after that hot start people look at the collective overall stats on his season. They said, oh, he probably had a let down year. He actually, over the last three years, he's averaging 42 receptions, that's what he had a season ago. His yards per reception, was about 15.5, and he's still at 6 touchdowns. So if you expect him to have more of a role in this offense moving forward, I'm just not so sure if that's going to be the case. The Raiders drafted three wide receivers, one of which being a first rounder in Henry Ruggs. So I have my concerns about Tyrell the gazelle being able to just stretch down the field. I feel like that's kind of where they see him. But they have speed guys now in both Bowden and Henry Ruggs. So I just don't know if he's going to see the field as much as we probably would anticipate. So I'm probably passing on him.

Bill Enright: Frank, what about you, where do you fall when it comes to drafting Tyrell Williams?

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, he's definitely not someone that I'll be targeting, I think he offers lower end flex appeal. As Ben highlighted, they have a lot of receivers and I am high, obviously, on Henry Ruggs III. I think that he is going to do absolutely immense things in this Los Vegas offense in 2020. And we have to also remember, they brought in veterans, Zay Jones also on this offense, as well as Nelson Agholor. So I'm not so sure how many targets Williams is really going to be able to see. And obviously, as we know, Derek Carr has a propensity right now to love his star tight end in Darren Wahler as well. So for me, I don't see how there is any real upside in investing, maybe even mid round draft capital on Tyrell Williams. For me, Bill, he's going to be a late round flier, a guy that offers late match up possibility flex appeal. But outside of that, for me, Tyrell Williams is a complete sell in 2020.