Another Red Bull Leader Departs, Causing More Max Verstappen Concern for Future

Adrian Newey’s split with Red Bull does nothing to quell worries about the team's superstar driver.
Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As Max Verstappen prepares to race in the Miami Grand Prix this weekend, another internal shakeup at Red Bull calls his future with the team into question.

On Wednesday, Red Bull confirmed legendary designer Adrian Newey would be departing from the team in the first quarter of 2025. The confirmation comes a week after reports emerged that Newey informed Red Bull of his desire to leave. Newey, who spent the last 19 years with Red Bull, released a statement once the news became official.

The team said he'll be immediately stepping away from any F1 duties to "focus on final development and delivery of Red Bull's first hypercar." Ferrari appear favorites to land Newey, who is free to join another team as soon as he's done at Red Bull.

A tumultuous year so far has called Verstappen's long-term standing with Red Bull into question. The superstar driver will hit free agency in 2028, with a rumored exit clause for 2024. Between Newey's departure and the Christian Horner scandal, Red Bull is in the middle of a whirlwind of chaos.

Verstappen's father, former racer Jos Verstappen, spoke to the media on his son's future earlier this week. After news of the Newey departure hit the racing world, he expressed his great concern for Red Bull to Erik van Haren of De Telegraaf. As translated by

“The team is in danger of falling apart. I was afraid of that earlier this year,” Jos Verstappen told De Telegraaf. “For internal peace, it is important that key people stay on board. That is not the case now.

"Newey is leaving and earlier this year it also looked like Helmut would be sent away. For the future, that is not good.”

Red Bull are suffering one blow after another so far in 2024, and the team may be running out of time to turn it around. Regardless of what happens at this weekend's Grand Prix or any other race, Red Bull are on the clock to convince Verstappen to stick with the only team he's ever known.

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