The PGA Tour is at TPC Boston this week and several players spent Wednesday night at Fenway Park watching the Red Sox thump the Marlins. 

The Tour was kind enough to purchase the tickets for the players, but Patrick Reed wasn’t all that grateful. 

You have to feel terrible that Reed, ninth on the PGA money list this year with total earnings of $4.7 million, had to shell out 650 of his own dollars for tickets. He’s not doing a whole lot to shake that reputation as the most hated player on tour.

Reed seems to imply that he was given less desirable seats because everyone thinks he’s a jerk. I’d argue that he actually got better seats than everyone else. I assume “the line drive section” means he was initially supposed to sit in field-level seats. He “upgraded” to seats in the suite level (the only section of Fenway with blue seats) that are actually way farther from the action and, judging by this Justin Thomas Instagram post, at a lousy angle.