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New on SI TV: 'Swing in the Dark' Documentary Follows U.S. Blind Golf Association National Championships

The best blind and visually-impaired golfers in the country have a competitive circuit, and even a national championship.

SI TV’s latest short documentary, Swing in the Dark, dives deep into the 73rd United States Blind Golf Association National Championship. The piece follows three of the top blind and visually-impaired golfers in the country as they aim to defend their titles in their respective sight categories.

The story also focuses on the profound relationships between the golfers and their coaches—who take on a much larger role than traditional caddies—as well as the way golf has given them all more purpose in life, and how they can pass that gift on to the next generation.

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SI has also partnered with IDC International Digital Centre to produce a second version of the documentary that features a bonus narration track to make it more accessible to blind and visually-impaired viewers. Both versions of Swing in the Dark are available exclusively on SI TV.