'It's Not Death Metal': Bryson DeChambeau Has Amusing Answer for His Workout Playlist

At LIV Nashville, DeChambeau was asked what he listens to on the range. His answer might surprise you.
Bryson DeChambeau and the author at LIV Nashville.
Bryson DeChambeau and the author at LIV Nashville. / DansGolfWorld

Bryson DeChambeau is riding the wave following his U.S. Open victory last weekend at Pinehurst. He's in the field this week at LIV Golf's Nashville event, and he's clearly enjoying life as a freshly minted two-time major champion.

I’m at the LIV Golf event in Nashville, and thought it would be fun to ask DeChambeau what he listens to while practicing on the range. He's a big process guy, after all, and I've enjoyed observing his various quirks and learning more about him this season. DeChambeau had a chuckle when I made a few guesses as to what might be in his earphones.

Then he said:

“A lot of it's not really words, it's more of—it’s just audio. It’s literally—it’s called chill step. It's a weird one. People are probably like, ‘what is that?’ It's more upbeat inspirational euphoric music.

“I grew up listening to Cold Play. Cold play is my favorite artist, one of my favorite artists. Kings of Leon is great, Ben Bohmer. Have you heard of Ben Bohmer? So that type of music is what I listen to. It’s more upbeat, positive, motivational. That’s the type of music I listen to, then every once in a while Katy Perry."

DeChambeau also described the differences in his playlist when he's working out.

“If I’m speed-training I'll go into some hardcore, funk music,” DeChambeau said. "Not heavy death metal. It’s funk music, pretty upbeat, intense music.”

“Then when I'm playing a round of golf, it's more of motivational, relaxing but positive music like Ben Bohmer. Cold play even sometimes, Kings of Leon. What else? There’s probably artists you've never heard of, Attom or Jerro, those sorts of people, they definitely keep my mind in the right space. Definitely not heavy death metal.”

Watch my video above for the full exchange, and follow me at DansGolfWorld for more of my golf adventures.

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