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Brooks vs. Bryson No Longer a Main Event

Koepka and DeChambeau's comments about their social media tug-of-war are on a repeat loop
Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka

DeChambeau and Koepka continue to talk about their new rivalry.

The heat on the so-called feud between Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka is way below a simmer, perhaps no more than lukewarm. The running chatter between two of the game’s superstars has gone nearly silent or at the very least, repetitive.

“I think it's good for the game,” Koepka reiterated Tuesday at the U.S. Open. “It's bringing new eyeballs. Like I said last week, you've got different -- it's pretty much been on every news channel. Pretty much everything you look at online, it's got this in the headline, or it's up there as a big news story.

“To me, that's growing the game. You're putting it in front of eyeballs, you're putting it in front of people, the game of golf, who probably don't normally look at golf, don't play it, might get them involved. I don't know how it's not growing the game.”

Or at least growing the number of people who drink the light beer for which Koepka advertises, since he offered his sponsor’s product free to those who were kicked out of the Memorial for yelling “Brooksie” at DeChambeau.

For DeChambeau’s part, he has treated this social media storm like a kid would – a big game.

“No, I think it's fun,” DeChambeau said. “There's a point where it's great banter. I personally love it. I think that, as time goes on, I hope on the weekend we can play against each other and compete. I think it would be fun and would be great for the game.

But the clacking of metal spikes that led to the war of words hasn’t been without criticism, most notably from Brandel Chamblee of Golf Channel, who has never shied away from finding fault with Koepka.

“As far as perception, I'm not really too concerned -- I'm worried about what I've got to do and what I'm doing,” Koepka said. “I'm not concerned about what other people think. If I was concerned about what everybody else thought, I'd have been in a world of pain.”