Michael Jordan or Steph Curry: Who Would You Rather Golf With?

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"The Match" was the highest rated golf event in cable history. So it makes sense, Phil Mickelson wants to do more of them. And apparently, Michael Jordan and Steph Curry are among the targets for another edition. Which leads to a question, who would you rather play golf with, MJ or Curry? 

I asked our Ben Pickman and "The Fantasy Exec" Corey Parson for their takes.

Parson for Jordan: I'm going to go with Jordan on this one. If I had to go out there and shoot around, it would be with Michael Jordan. First of all, for myself, it is the trash talk aspect of it. Michael Jordan is a very good trash talker. I claim to be one of the best trash talkers too, even though I don't know how to play the game of golf. It would be good to go out there and have a couple rounds with him, drink some cognac, maybe get the real story about him eating the entire pizza in Utah. And like, I think with The Last Dance, it kind of put even more mystery around Michael Jordan. So to get out there and shoot a couple holes with him, I think it'd be pretty fun. And I think I would win the trash talk battle with him.

Pickman for Curry:  I think you definitely might have a better time in the moment for those five, six hours with Stephen Curry just joking around. Curry is the better golfer of the two, and so maybe, he brings up your own or my own personal golf game. And the stories with Curry are still fun. They're light, you might talk about cooking, you talk about the Warriors, you talk about KD and the drama there. So there is some drama to cover. With Jordan, I think it is a little more depressed, a little more down in the dumps. But you do get that story after the fact that you played golf with Michael Jordan. It's probably more of a once in a lifetime experience playing with Michael Jordan. 

Verdict: I would hedge just a little bit on the experience aspect. I mean, it is cooler to say that you played with Michael Jordan. But it's still pretty darn cool to say you played with Steph Curry, and it'd probably be more fun. Isn't life about enjoying the moment anyway? Plus, if The Last Dance is any indication, MJ might smear you after the fact.