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Meet the world’s first swell-tracking GPS that mounts on a surfboard

The Wave Replay instantly becomes one of the most accurate and complete surfing track devices out there.

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It’s time to catch some righteous waves with the help of an Oreo-sized, mountable GPS.

Although it may not taste as delicious as a Double Stuffed Oreo dipped in milk, the Xensr Air 3D GPS is still pretty sweet. From the shimmering beaches of California to the slamming waves of the Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii, Xensr Inc. is diving into surfing’s tech space.

Xensr recently released Wave Replay, which turns the Xensr Air into one of the most accurate and complete surf tracking devices on the market. Wave Replay details and analyzes in 3D every turn, hit and air experienced during a ride. The Xensr Air is also the only tracker with the ability to measure swell height.

The GPS catches a handful of surfing data including:

  • Number of waves caught/attempted
  • Fastest speed per wave
  • Length of each wave ridden
  • Paddle time and distance/surf time and distance splits
  • 3D replay of board motion
  • Measured swell height

“Wave Replay does what no other tracker can do,” CEO David Troup said in a statement. “Mounted to the board instead of the wrist, Xensr Air sees everything the rider does. Wave Replay breaks down sessions into the vital stats a surfer wants to see. Surfers can identify their best takeoff points and more using the Wave Replay map for unique swell conditions helping them improve for their next session.”

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Even without its wave-catching ability, the Xensr Air is still an innovative GPS system. Most GPS systems strictly use signals from satellites overhead, but Xensr’s 3D GPS uses GPS signals accompanied with aerospace-grade inertial measurement sensors and combines that data sending it to the TruMotion processor engine.

Put more plainly, that means the Xensr Air builds a real-time view of the athlete’s performance that is rich in details that other GPS systems fail to gather. User statistics accumulate on the Xensr app and can be viewed on Users can also sync their GoPro HERO4 to create OneTouch videos on iOS or Android devices so they can replay that nasty trick they finally landed, or that hilarious wipe out over and over again.

What is even more interesting about the Xensr’s Wave Replay capability is the use that scientists and climatologists can receive from the relayed data.

“Wave height environmental data isn’t just for surfers,” Troup said. “It is crucially important for scientists and climatologists. Xensr Wave Replay turns every surfer into a wave data buoy that is constantly monitoring and reporting on the status of the oceans. We’re crowdsourcing data collection which is needed for the climate modelers and scientists.”

Xensr Air 3D GPS with Wave Replay is priced at $249.95.