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BT Sport to use Ericsson PIERO augmented reality software

Swedish technology company Ericsson announced entertainment network BT Sport as its first client for its PIERO Augmented Reality software.

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Swedish technology company Ericsson announced entertainment network BT Sport as its first client for its PIERO Augmented Reality software feature set.

BT Sport is a 24/7 sports news television network and website. Since its television debut in 2013, BT Sport has excelled in covering rugby, the UFC, and particularly Premier League soccer. Ericsson’s PIERO Augmented Reality software will give BT Sport’s analysts a toolset to take their coverage to the next level.

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“Piero Augmented Reality allows broadcasters to go beyond rudimentary, pre-built 2D graphics and bring events to life through data-driven stories for even more compelling viewing and create deeper engagement through stunning artistry,” Thorsten Sauer. Ericsson’s Head of Broadcast and Media Services, said in a statement.

PIERO’s capabilities allow a broadcaster or tech team to project 3D graphics onto the studio floor during a segment. Analysts will now have the ability to stand side by side with 3D projections of popular athletes, as they recap traditional highlights. Other features will allow BT Sport presenters to generate heat maps and trigger 3D fly-arounds from the convenience of a tablet.

“We think this brand new technology will enhance our coverage and analysis and ultimately the viewer experience,” Jamie Hindhaugh, COO of BT Sport, said in a statement.

PIERO’s Augmented Reality features were initially tested by the BBC’s popular soccer highlight TV program, Match of the Day. BT Sport’s extensive soccer coverage makes the network an ideal candidate to launch the new capabilities.

“We’re always looking to enhance and improve the quality of our coverage and presentation and are excited to be working with Ericsson and to be the first to use PIERO Augmented Reality,” Hindhaugh said.

Being at the forefront of a new technology is becoming a hallmark of sorts for BT Sport. In August, it announced the release of BT Sport 4K UHD, the UK’s first Ultra HD or 4K television channel. With 4K technology, viewers can tune in to soccer matches at resolutions that are four times more detailed than normal High Definition.

“We are proud to be innovating and leading the UK TV market with our Entertainment,” Delia Bushell, managing director of BT TV and BT Sport, said in a statement.