League of Legends star Faker talks gear, strategy ahead of Worlds final

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This post was written by Andrew Ross and originally appeared on Blog of Legends.

Faker, the superstar mid-laner for League of Legends team SKT, is hoping to bring home a third title for the Korean powerhouse. He spoke to Fansided about his new gear and the upcoming championship match.

Fansided: What caused you to make the decision to change your mouse and what did you switch to?

Faker: The difference between winning and losing literally comes down to fractions of a second. I can personally raise my game in the way of reaction time and decision-making quickness and reflex action, but that has to translate electronically, in-game, as fast as inhumanly possible. I have been using a Razer DeathAdder mouse, which is pretty much the standard by which all gaming mice are measured. New sensor technology and improved switches came out this year that make for an incredibly seamless connection between me and the game. My new weapon of choice is the Razer DeathAdder Elite, which is the most accurate and responsive mouse in the world.

Fansided: Are you worried that making such a big change could impact your performance?

Faker: I’ve been using the Razer DeathAdder even before I became a pro-gamer. The DeathAdder Elite has the exact same body as the DeathAdders before it, the only difference is its improved sensor and switches which I noticed immediately when I first tried it. It allows me to respond even faster than I have ever experienced before. It’s quite a rush. With 30,000 people attending live and tens-of-millions more watching online during the League of Legends World Championship, that’s the most important thing – making the experience as exciting for fans as it is challenging for us and winning it all.

Fansided: Besides ping, what is the biggest difference between North American solo queue and Korean solo queue? What could North America do to improve?

Faker: In my experience while playing solo queue in North American servers, players tend to prefer clashes rather than doing things strategically. The individual skill level of players on NA is actually similar to Korean players, but what they lack is the strategic aspect of the game. 

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Fansided: This isn't the first time you've been to North America. What are some things you like to do or experience whenever you are here? Are you surprised at how much love the North American fans give you? How does it feel to know you're so well loved not only in your region, but all across the world?

Faker: I was surprised that I had this many fans in North America. I’m really happy to know that I have fans cheering me on in not just my home country, Korea but here in the United States as well and I really appreciate all the love and support they’re sending us.

Fansided: Many are calling your semifinals match against ROX Tigers the greatest series in the history of League. Was it the best series you have ever played in? If not, which series tops it?

Faker: Though the semifinals match against ROX was a fierce match, I don’t think it’s quite right to call it the greatest series in the history of League because both SKT and ROX made many mistakes in the match which left much to be desired in our eyes. This only makes us want to improve. As for me personally, I always try to play my very best no matter which league or tournament I’m attending. I feel it’s important for me to put on the best performance for my team and for our supporters regardless of the venue. We’re professionals, and our fans deserve our best at all times.

Fansided: Crown has been one of the hottest players at Worlds. How excited are you to face off against him? Are you concerned about his Viktor, or do you think you can play against it just fine?

Faker: I do expect Crown to play differently at the finals, but I don’t have any concerns nor do I feel pressured playing against him. I plan play to the best of my abilities like how I play against any other mid player.

Fansided: If you do go on to win, what's the most important thing you'd want people to take away from you and SKT having three Summoner's Cups?

Faker: I want people to understand that being true to your teammates, your gamer family, is the most important aspect of League of Legends or any team e-sport. There may be opportunities for individual gain presented to a player if he or she wants to jump around from team to team, but the most rewarding and sustainable results come from trust, communication and consistency. I am very lucky to have such a great team and I hope people can see that our friendship is the key to our successes.