NFL players are using a new neuroscience headset to improve training

Halo Neuoscience's new headset sends pulses to the motor cortex of the brain to improve athlete performance.
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In a cutthroat league like the NFL, players are always looking for a way to gain a competitive edge. The newest training tool isn’t about extra reps in the gym or taking extra snaps at practice

It starts with a headset.

It looks like just another pair of Beats or other noise canceling headphones, but instead of being used to play music, the Halo Sport headset sends pulses of energy to the motor cortex of the brain in order to improve athlete performance. Halo Neuroscience, a neurotechnology company that is working to help improve athletes’ responses to training, makes the unique headset.

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NFL players are training with Halo Sport. Currently, Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis, Oakland Raiders cornerback T.J. Carrie, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Marcus Smith, Browns center Gabe Ikard and New England Patriots linebacker Trevor Bates are all using Halo Sport and have all reported seeing improvements to their overall performance, according to the company.

Carrie said in a statement that as a result of Halo Sport, he has seen his vertical jump increase by six to eight inches and he has added 80 pounds to his squat.

“Hard work has always been my greatest asset, and Halo Sport is what I choose to get the most out of my training,” Carrie said.

Before being used in the NFL, the headset has been used by draft prospects in advance of an NFL regional combine by Kenneth Dixon of the Baltimore Ravens and Cody Whitehair of the Chicago Bears.

Where historically neuro-technology was only available for military, Olympians and other professional athletes, Halo Sport will now be available to the general public – but at a steep price. Halo Sport will retail at $749 and will be discounted at $699 through the holiday season.

Halo Neuroscience has plans to create a software designed for medical application.