Stugotz Says He Almost Left 'The Dan Le Batard Show' for WFAN Job

Stugotz was in deep talks to become the program director at New York's WFAN.

1. The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz ... without Stugotz?

Apparently that was close to happening, with Jon Weiner, aka Stugotz, revealing Wednesday that he almost left Le Batard after 19 years to take a job at WFAN.

"I always imagined if I went there at this stage of my career, I 'd go there as a host," Stugotz said on Wednesday's show. "That was not the position that was offered to me. The position that was offered to me, that I have turned down, was to run the entire station, was to be the program director at WFAN."

Stugotz added that he was serious about moving on from the Le Batard Show.

"It is the closest I've come to leaving this show," he said. "Dan was actually great. He was happy for me. And I appreciate that because he knows how much that position and that station means to me and that market means to me. To have the opportunity, it didn't work out, and perhaps we'll work something out down the road because I do think for me, the perfect ending to my career would be at WFAN. But there were some things I had to factor in. Our 20th anniversay is coming up in September."

Stugotz continued, "To be able to put my imprint on the next 20 years of WFAN, having listened to that station, and again, that station being the driving force into getting me into this business, that would've been fun. That would've been nice to put my imprint on it for the next 20 years. It didn't work out. I'm good with it."

What could've pushed Stugotz to accept the WFAN gig? I asked Stugotz in a quick text interview and here's how that went.

Me: How close did you come to taking the WFAN job?

Stugotz: We were about $2.5 million apart.

Me: Why didn't you take the job?

Stugotz: Too many obstacles to hurdle and not enough time. Was not because of a lack of effort or enthusiasm from both sides?

Me: Could you ever take a job where you weren't on the air?

Stugotz: I almost did.

Me: Is it weird at all to go back to the Le Batard Show now that they know you almost left?

Stugotz: Not at all. I communicated everything to Dan as it was happening.

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Following Miller, Dan Rapaport from Barstool's Fore Play podcast joins the show to talk about the Masters and offer Masters betting advice. Should you bet on Tiger Woods making the cut? Who would make a good long-shot bet to win the tournament? What prop should you bet on Saturday and Sunday of the tournament? Is there any risk in betting Scottie Scheffler to finish in the top five?

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3. A lot of people were impressed by Denver's Christian Braun dunking over Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert on Wednesday night. I was way more impressed by the reaction from the Nuggets' bench. Phenomenal stuff.

4. When the Orioles called up highly touted prospect Jackson Holliday (son of former Major Leaguer Matt Holliday who spent most of his career with the Rockies and Cardinals) from the minors on Tuesday, the team DFA'd second baseman Tony Kemp. Kemp handled the demotion as classy as anyone could have.

5. If you're a fan of the ManningCast, it's going to be around on ESPN for nine more years.

6. I made this offer to my Twitter followers and I'd like to make it to my Traina Thoughts readers. If you can find out why Caleb Williams blocked me, I will Venmo you $10. For real.

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