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Watch: Dugout phone suffers David Ortiz's wrath

(GIF via @theScore)

(GIF via @theScore)

With one out and none on in the seventh inning of the Red Sox's 7-3 win over the Orioles Saturday night, David Ortiz went to a 3-0 count against the O's Jairo Asencio. Just as the fourth pitch of the at-bat was about to be delivered, Ortiz appeared to step out of the batter's box, but wasn't granted time. Asencio's pitch hit the upper inside corner of Ortiz's abandoned strike-zone. Ortiz thought it was ball four and flipped away his bat, but home plate umpire Tim Timmons called it strike one. Asencio then got strike two called on a back-door slider and then struck out Ortiz swinging through a slider in the dirt.

On his way back the dugout, a disgusted Ortiz appeared to suggest to Timmons that the 3-0 pitch was a high as the brim of his helmet (it was belly-button high at most).

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Then he did this:

[mlbvideo id="29202003" width="600" height="360" /]

That got Ortiz thrown out of the game, of course.

As you can see at the end of that GIF up top, Ortiz stormed back out on the field. He had to be restrained by his manager John Farrell and bench coach Torey Lovullo, during which he threw his elbow pad out on the field.

Another thing to note is that Ortiz is wildly swinging a bat in anger in a dugout and sending shrapnel flying in the direction of the Red Sox's new $100 million man Dustin Pedroia. When Ortiz returned to the dugout, Pedroia, who shoots him the evil eye toward the end of the GIF, grabbed his teammate by his jersey and tried to get in his face to calm him down. Ortiz's reaction was to hold his hand way over his head to show how high that belly-high strike had been.