Watch: Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton blasts home run into stratosphere

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[mlbvideo id="31823267" width="600" height="350" /]

Eric Stults likely regrets leaving a lifeless 89 mph fastball right below Giancarlo Stanton's belt and over the middle of the plate. Stanton's mammoth blasts aren't too surprising anymore, but this shot still doesn't have a clear landing point, or not one we can find. Perhaps the ball was reduced to smithereens. Perhaps it extended beyond the atmosphere into orbit.

A ball appears to bounce behind the "Budweiser Bow Tie Bar," meaning Stanton cleared roughly 20-30 "spectators" who spent Stanton's at-bat gazing the other direction and likely guzzling Lime-A-Ritas or $17 caipirinhas. Notice the one bro in what appears to be a white bandana and an aquamarine shirt jump to slap his buddy's shoulder. Stanton crushed that ball like bandana-man and his bros crush Bud Lights.The home run then set off that garish centerfield statue which makes us all die a little inside.

They say it traveled 484 feet. We think it's a more accurate measure of time, not distance. Giancarlo Stanton rules.