Colorado second baseman DJ LeMahieu, pictured above against the Giants in April, has been playing well paired with Troy Tulowitski in the Rockies' middle infield.
Barry Gutierrez/AP
By Michael Beller
July 02, 2014

Anyone who has watched a good amount of baseball over the last seven or so years knows how good Troy Tulowitzki is in the field. But his double-play partner, D.J. LeMahieu, is no slouch himself. In fact, his seven defensive-runs-saved ranks third among second basemen, trailing only Dustin Pedroia and Ian Kinsler.

Except in the most inside of inside-baseball circles, though, defensive-runs-saved doesn’t move the needle a whole lot. Perhaps the ridiculous 4-6-3 double play LeMahieu started on Wednesday night will help him get his due.

In the first inning of the Rockies’ game in Washington, Anthony Rendon hit a Tyler Matzek offering back up the box. LeMahieu fielded it behind the second base bag while sliding down to a knee and flipped it to Tulowtizki, who caught it with his bare hand with his back facing home plate, wheeled around, and fired a strike to Justin Morneau to complete the twin killing.

Highlights, though, do tend to tell better stories than numbers.

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