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Lenny Dykstra says he hired private investigators to spy on umpires

Lenny Dykstra admits to hiring a team of investigators to spy on umpires.
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Former MLB player Lenny Dykstra says he hired private investigators to dig up dirt on umpires in order to get a favorable strike zone and draw extra walks, he told FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd on Tuesday.

Dykstra added that he hired a team of investigators for $500,000.

“Their blood is just as red as ours,” Dykstra said. “Some of them like women, some of them like men, some of them gamble. Some of them do whatever.”

Dykstra said it was not a coincidence that he led the Majors in walks, as his total jumped from 40 in 392 plate appearances in 1992 to 129 in 773 in ’93. in 1994, Dykstra walked 68 times in 386 plate appearances.

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While at the plate, Dykstra would turn to umpires and ask them things like, “Did you cover the spread last night?” and the strike zone would subsequently become smaller for him.

“I had to do what I had to do to win,” he said in the interview, “and to support my family.”

Dykstra played in the Majors from 1985–1996 with the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies. He was a World Series champion with the Mets in 1986, and a three-time All-Star while with the Phillies.

Watch Dykstra’s comments below:

- Christopher Chavez