David Wright: ‘I have to be smart’ given injury history

Mets third baseman David Wright discussed his plans to manage injury this season.
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Mets third baseman David Wright discussed Friday his plans to manage injury this season.

Wright, 33, who logged only 38 games last regular season with hamstring problems and spinal stenosis, was realistic in his early approach to staying healthy as the Mets prepare to follow up on their World Series run.

“I have to be smart about it,” Wright told reporters Friday. “One thing I need to mature and need to become better at is being honest with how I feel on a daily basis — being able to communicate a little better than I have in the past. I've been very stubborn when it comes to giving an honest assessment of injuries or how I feel.”

Wright said that he rested his back for about a month after the playoffs ended. He wouldn’t guess at how many games he would log this season, but said he would meet with manager Terry Collins next week to establish a plan for spring training.

“I've done as much research, talked to some of the best doctors in the world: some of the best back doctors in the world, some of the best therapists in the world, to see what I need to do not only to manage my back but also at the same time get ready for the season," Wright said. "I feel like we've come up with a plan that will allow me to hopefully be on the field as much as possible and also get ready physically for a long season.”

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Wright, a career .298 hitter, batted .289 last season with five home runs in 174 plate appearances. He hit .185 in the playoffs with one home run in 14 games.

The Mets begin full-team workouts Feb. 26.