What's the view like from enemy lines? Before the 2016 MLB season starts, rival scouts offer their evaluations of every team in the AL.

By SI MLB Staff
March 30, 2016

Every year for SI's baseball preview issue, our MLB staff asks rival scouts to size up and break down each team's rosters anonymously and freely. Here are their takes on every club in the American League; you can find their opinions on the National League's squads here.

Teams are presented in alphabetical order.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/orioles_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Baltimore Orioles<br> Record: 81–81<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/21/baltimore-orioles-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

This is a classic Earl Weaver, three-run homer type team. They're going to have to score runs in bunches.... If teams can command four-seam fastballs on Chris Davis's hands and up, they'll get him out. If they make mistakes, he hits them out.... Manny Machado seems to be going the other way a little bit more this spring, which is going to round out his game. He's a Platinum Glove third baseman with great quick-twitch instincts and enough arm to throw you out from the hole.

Matt Wieters's arm is not all the way back from Tommy John surgery. He's serviceable. He's going to have to work to take the full-time job back, because Caleb Joseph is coming on like crazy. Joseph will catch against teams that can run, because he can throw people out where Wieters can't.... Jonathan Schoop is a plus defender, almost Gold Glove-caliber. I think he's going to be an All-Star this year. He still chases breaking balls out of the zone and has to learn the strike zone better, but he's got power and offensive skills that very few second basemen have.... Pedro Alvarez can be a quality DH. He'll reach the left-centerfield fence in Baltimore and hit home runs that were outs in Pittsburgh.

Rotation & Bullpen

For them to be a wild-card contender, Kevin Gausman has to be a mid- to upper-level rotation guy. He doesn't throw 95–100 mph anymore. He's a 91–93 guy, but he's starting to learn how to pitch with what he has. They've messed with him a lot. When he first came up, he pitched from the first base side of the rubber, threw very hard and commanded everything. Now they've pushed him over to the third base side and he doesn't command very well.... They've got a very talented and deep bullpen. Zach Britton has been lights out, Darren O'Day is solid, Mychal Givens and Brad Brach are also good.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/red_sox_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Boston Red Sox<br> Record: 78–84<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/25/boston-red-sox-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

Mookie Betts is such a good energy kid, a very hard worker who takes instruction well. His plate discipline will determine whether he'll be a great player.... Xander Bogaerts isn't a home run hitter and strikes out way too much, but I think he'll take the next step.... Boston's issues are the corner infield spots, Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. Ramirez has changed his swing a little bit and isn't thinking wall. He's been going the other way more. He's defending O.K. at first base. The question is whether he can keep his head in the game for a whole season, which he's never done. You'd hope that David Ortiz can take him under his wing.... Sandoval is as fat as ever, and his body can betray him in a heartbeat. He's just an adequate offensive player now. I don't expect more than the 10 home runs he hit last year.... I think Jackie Bradley Jr. can hit enough to play every day, but it's close. Pitch recognition gives him trouble. He expands the zone and chases fastballs out of it.

"[Pablo] Sandoval is as fat as ever, and his body can betray him in a heartbeat. He's just an adequate offensive player now. I don't expect more than the 10 home runs he hit last year."

Rotation & Bullpen

This team has depth problems in its rotation. Those other guys besides David Price all have question marks attached.... Clay Buchholz has no right to be in the two hole. He's very mistake prone; he'll throw a good fastball in a good location, then another one and then just a terrible fastball in a terrible location. He gets down on himself and needs somebody to pump him up all the time.... Joe Kelly can run his fastball up there at 93–95, but hitters get very good swings at it. He belongs in the five hole.... Rick Porcello has got to maintain his velocity on his fastball, which tends to come and go, and he's got to really command his curveball.... Craig Kimbrel is one of the top-shelf relievers in the game. He didn't fit out in San Diego. He's an adrenaline guy, and what better spot for adrenaline than Fenway?

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/white_sox_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Chicago White Sox<br> Record: 76–86<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/22/chicago-white-sox-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

There was a lot of talk about whether they should blow things up there, but when you have Chris Sale and Jose Abreu in their prime, you have to win now.... I really liked the Todd Frazier addition. In that ballpark his line drives are going to get out. He's a gamer, and Chicago is going to love him.... Brett Lawrie is built like a brick house and so wired too—I thought all along this guy is going to hit 25 home runs sometime, but probably not in that graveyard in Oakland. He could get there this year.... They are down on Avisail Garcia, but the kid is still just 24 with plenty of potential. The problem is that he's from the same area as Miguel Cabrera, looks like Miguel Cabrera, and people keep comparing him with Miguel Cabrera. He's not Miguel Cabrera, but he's a guy with at least 20 home run power.

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Rotation & Bullpen

Sale is a top five pitcher in all of baseball—there's a guy who just got $217 million [David Price] who I would rate lower than him. It's incredible—all pitchers break down at some point, and here you have this toothpick skinny guy who's all elbows and knees flying everywhere, and he's been sturdy. He's always as good of a pick as any to win the Cy Young.... Jose Quintana is a case in point that wins don't tell the whole story—he hasn't won more than 10 games in a season but three straight 200-inning seasons with an ERA that's around 3.40, I'll take that any day.

Carlos Rodon might be the most important player on the team, the difference between this being a pretty good rotation or a great one. He's found that velocity that made him great in college. He can throw that nasty slider anytime. There will be a point where he's a No. 1.... Mat Latos gets a bad rap for some reason as being a bad clubhouse guy, but all of that is overblown. He had knee problems last year, but if he can stay healthy, this could be one of the best off-season acquisitions.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/indians_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Cleveland Indians<br> Record: 81–80<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/23/cleveland-indians-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

I can understand people's affinity for Cleveland because its pitching is so good, but Michael Brantley's shoulder is hurt and that really kills them. They've got to get some offense from their outfield. You could make the case for Lonnie Chisenhall, but he didn't deliver at third base.... They can compete with Kansas City, but they're going to have to get seven innings from their starters. If Brantley comes back soon, they have a chance. He hits lefthanded pitchers like they're righthanders. He wears guys out.... Francisco Lindor isn't far behind Houston's Carlos Correa. He has some power too. This guy wants to be one of the great players who ever played.

Carlos Santana has power, but he's a wild swinger. He needs to be a secondary guy that hits fifth or six. If he hit 25 home runs and drove in 85, I wouldn't be that surprised, but he's more likely to do that with someone else carrying the load.... Jason Kipnis can run, he could hit 15-20 homers, he's become a pretty good second baseman. He's an occasional All-Star.... They know that if they'd scored more runs last year, they would've been in the playoffs.

"There are only eight or 10 true No. 1's in the game, and [Corey] Kluber is one of them. That breaking stuff is good, and he throws hard enough and he can spot the ball."

Rotation & Bullpen

If they get in the tournament, you run Corey Kluber out there, and Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar and even Trevor Bauer and they could go pretty far.... There are only eight or 10 true No. 1's in the game, and Kluber is one of them. That breaking stuff is good, and he throws hard enough and he can spot the ball.... Carrasco has really come a long way, and I love his stuff. He keeps the ball down. The arm's always been there. Now he's got command.... Salazar has got a ridiculous arm. He leaves the ball up. He's got the stuff to be a No. 1, but he doesn't have the command quite yet.... Cody Allen's got really good stuff. He throws hard, he's got a quick, hard breaking ball. He's a real closer.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/tigers_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Detroit Tigers<br> Record: 74–87<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/23/detroit-tigers-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

GM Al Avila did a great job this winter. But they don't have a lot of depth.... This was the best place for Justin Upton to sign because he can't carry a lineup. He'll get pitches to hit in front of Miguel Cabrera, but he hasn't looked good in spring training. Even though the guy is still just 28, I see him in decline.... Victor Martinez looked good this spring. This guy is constantly looking at video, constantly trying to get better.... J.D. Martinez has big power to right centerfield. The question with him was could he handle the ball in. He's shown he can.

Jose Iglesias looks a little heavier to me. That could be affecting his range.... Steven Moya might be the biggest position player I've ever seen: 6'7", 260, and it's a tapered frame. He's got unbelievable power but a long swing that needs work. Advance scouting would eat him for lunch right now.... James McCann is going to be one of the better catchers in the American League. He can hit. He can catch. His framing is one thing that he can work on, but that's not a huge concern.

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Rotation & Bullpen

Justin Verlander was throwing 90 to 94 this spring, but his ball had good life. I can see him being a good No. 3 at this point.... Anibal Sanchez has top-of-the-rotation stuff, but he's not a big guy. There's a good chance he's going to get hurt again.... Daniel Norris has great stuff and a chance to be a No. 2 or 3, but he has to do better repeating his delivery.... Francisco Rodriguez's fastball is 88, 89 and straight as a string, but he knows how to pitch: really good changeup, deceptive delivery and he doesn't give in.... Bruce Rondon is back up to 100 miles per hour this spring. His body looks a little better, like he put some effort into strength and conditioning. They anointed him the closer a couple of years ago and he s--- the bed, but this is the year he could really come on.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/astros_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Houston Astros<br> Record: 86–76<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/25/houston-astros-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

For being only 21, Carlos Correa carries himself very professionally. You can see the guy hitting .320, with a 30-30 season. I wouldn't want him to run enough to steal 30 bags, though. You don't want him to run into getting hurt.... I don't think Carlos Gomez's overall ability has declined. Last year, with some injuries, he didn't put up the same type of numbers, but he'll bounce back.... A.J. Reed puts together quality at bats. He almost looks like a defensive tackle up there—a lefthanded Steve Balboni but even taller, with very strong hands.

When Jose Altuve was a nobody in spring training a few years ago, it was, "Golly, he barrels the ball up all day long—but he's so small!" Whatever. He might be better than Dustin Pedroia was.... George Springer is a tool shed. He has to continue to make progress in cutting down the strikeouts and putting the ball in play. Even so, he should be a 20-home-run guy, 25 doubles, steal 20 bags. Mike Cameron at his very peak.

"When Jose Altuve was a nobody in spring training a few years ago, it was, 'He barrels the ball up all day long—but he's so small!' Whatever. He might be better than Dustin Pedroia was."

Rotation & Bullpen

Dallas Keuchel has figured out what kind of pitcher he is: cutting it, sinking it, changing speeds, never repeating pitches. Doing the lefthanded thang.... You're impressed by Lance McCullers's 94-mph fastball, but the hard breaking ball, with the down action and ability to throw it with the same arm speed as his fastball, is what makes him tough.... Doug Fister's already throwing harder this year than at any point last year. For a lot of people a mile or two doesn't mean that much, but it does for him because of the way his stuff reacts, and it makes his changeup that much more effective.

The price tag for Ken Giles, five players, could have been a tad steep. I don't know if he's finished his learning curve yet. But they've got guys in the pen that have closed before in Luke Gregerson and Pat Neshek. It's a strong bullpen, a strike-throwing bullpen.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/royals_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Kansas City Royals<br> Record: 95–67<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/24/kansas-city-royals-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

I love these guys. [GM] Dayton Moore probably mixes old-fashioned scouting and analytics better than anybody in baseball.... There's no reason Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas can't be even better. Moustakas was always a dead red pull guy. Obviously hitting the ball the other way has helped.... God dang, are we really saying $72 million is a discount? Maybe, for Alex Gordon. His age impacted his contract. But I haven't seen any drop-off whatsoever. He's still an elite leftfielder.... Lorenzo Cain is their best offensive player game in and game out, and he's a Gold Glove centerfielder too.

At second, Omar Infante's body has really slowed down. Christian Colon will be the next guy, but the prospect who could speed the whole thing up is Raul Mondesi Jr. He hasn't hit for a while, but he's always been young for his league—he played Double A at 19 last year—and he has the ingredients: a switch hitter with bat speed, a 70 runner with a 60 arm.

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Rotation & Bullpen

As far as a shot to repeat, the starting rotation is a major key and a little bit of a question mark. There's strength in numbers, but I don't think they have an ace, or even a two. Edinson Volquez is a solid three. Yordano Ventura could be a one or a two with the quality of his pitches, but he's got to be more efficient.... Ian Kennedy is probably more of a four or a five—but I think K.C.'s a good spot for him. He might be better when he pitches to contact than when he guns for 200 strikeouts, and now he's on a club that plays premier defense.... I think their prospect Kyle Zimmer might be the most talented starter in the organization—he's up to 97.

Wade Davis is the best closer in baseball. Kelvin Herrera may be the best seventh-inning guy. Joakim Soria really bounced back nicely last year. What a bullpen.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/angels_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Los Angeles Angels<br> Record: 85–77<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/22/los-angeles-angels-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

Mike Trout is a true manimal. He and Rickey Henderson are probably the two best bodies I've ever seen in the game.... You would think they'd have a firmer grip on a leftfielder. Craig Gentry is an extra guy, a platoon player. He couldn't play for an A's team last year that was terrible. I'd take Daniel Nava over the rest of their choices there, but how could they not sign Justin Upton?

Albert Pujols is saying he's healthy. He'll spend a lot more time at DH than first, and you have to do everything you can to protect him.... Johnny Giavotella turned it up with the bat last year. Defensively he can get a little erratic and look confused at times, but he's going to give you 120%.... Andrelton Simmons is one of the best defenders in the game: range, hands, feet, quick first step, a real good anticipator, always in the right position.

"Jered Weaver is pitching at 82–84 [mph], but he has more guts and guile than anyone. He's always been able to create deception and move the ball. Do I think that'll work this year? No."

Rotation & Bullpen

There are question marks in the rotation. Garrett Richards can be unhittable, and then there are times where it just seems like nothing will work for the guy. But he has ace-type stuff.... Jered Weaver is pitching at 82–84 [mph], but he has more guts and guile than anyone. He's always been able to create deception and move the ball. Do I think that'll work this year? No.... The back of the rotation could go a couple of ways. Andrew Heaney is a guy they really like, Hector Santiago was an All-Star in 2015. Matt Shoemaker throws 87 and occasionally touches 90, but I think his good run last year was probably an aberration because his stuff is not great.

That farm system is very lean right now. Righty Victor Alcantara was probably their top prospect last year and he was nowhere near ready. At the Double A level, where prospects typically are, I don't think there's one guy on their team who's a better than average player.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/twins_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Minnesota Twins<br> Record: 83–79<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/22/minnesota-twins-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

They're getting better. The biggest problem the Twins have is that they're in a tough, tough division.... Miguel Sano has been O.K. in rightfield, surprisingly. He's a pretty good athlete, he runs O.K. and he throws O.K. Not great, but very serviceable.... Byron Buxton is obviously a great athlete and a quality defender, but he should learn the strike zone, make contact, use that athletic gift and not swing at balls over his head. Ideally you play him in Triple A, but you can't do that in today's baseball. So put him in the eight hole and let him learn how to play at the big league level.... Byung Ho Park will have a tough time translating his power to the majors. He has to produce for them to contend, and I'm not terribly optimistic about that.

Joe Mauer is in the Todd Helton mode: good hitter, decent first baseman, good leadership. I don't think he'll ever have the power that he once had, and the ballpark is a big part of that, but he'll be a solid RBI guy for them.... You would hope Eddie Rosario would learn to control the strike zone, but I haven't seen much of it yet.... Losing Torii Hunter as the motivational guy is going to hurt them. They need somebody to step up to replace his intensity as a leader.

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Rotation & Bullpen

Ervin Santana is not an ace, but he's pretty good, a decent two.... Phil Hughes got heavy last year and still doesn't have his best velocity back yet, but that may come along because he looks to be in much better shape.... Jose Berrios isn't ready to contribute yet, but the kid's got big-time ability, a big-time fastball and knows how to pitch. I would expect he'll be in the rotation by June or July.... If Ricky Nolasco is in their rotation, then their rotation stinks.... Glen Perkins is one of the top lefthanded closers in the game, but their bullpen is a little bit shaky. They don't have depth.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/yankees_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>New York Yankees<br> Record: 87–75<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/23/new-york-yankees-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

Mark Teixeira is a big question mark, but right now I would say he looks healthy, his bat speed's been good. He's still a really good mistake hitter and is very dangerous.... Starlin Castro is much more consistent at second than at shortstop, more at ease.... I have the utmost respect for Didi Gregorius. To go into New York and take the job of one of the most iconic players in our history and not lose his confidence and end up doing what he did, I marveled at that. I think he'll continue to do what he did in the second half.... Alex Rodriguez's at bats have been good, he's a smart hitter. When he gets extended, he still has power. He's even become a pretty good teammate. Everyone tells me the same thing, that they're not sure if it's still an act, but if it is, it's a good one.

If someone gets hurt, Aaron Judge is right there to come up. His power is a top grade in any of our scales. He almost reminds me a bit of a Dave Winfield or Dave Kingman, those big, tall, long-armed guys.... Jacoby Ellsbury came into camp in good shape, his bat looks quick, he's having good at bats, he's taking good routes.... Brett Gardner plays balls to the wall, and at some point, he's got to back off that a little bit and not slide headfirst every time he has a chance to beat a ball out at first. Just tone it down.

"Alex Rodriguez has even become a pretty good teammate. Everyone tells me the same thing, that they're not sure if it's still an act, but if it is, it's a good one."

Rotation & Bullpen

If they're healthy, if their older guys can stay on the field, they have a chance to be very competitive again.... Their rotation is a huge if: If Masahiro Tanaka can make all of his starts and pitch like himself, if Michael Pineda can do the same, if Luis Severino is as good as he was (and I think he's going to be), if Nathan Eovaldi is what he was at the end of the year. And there's no doubt in my mind that if CC Sabathia stays healthy, with his know-how and competitiveness, he can go out and give them five or six innings and have a four-something ERA and win 11 or 12 games.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/athletics_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Oakland Athletics<br> Record: 68–94<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/21/oakland-athletics-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

Yonder Alonso is a much better first baseman than a lot of people thought. Real good hands, real good feet. The only knock is he doesn't hit for much power.... It's the same happy-go-lucky Billy Butler, jersey pulled out over the top of his pants so you can't see what bad shape he's in. But look at the back of his baseball card, it says he always hits.... Marcus Semien led the world in errors last year, so they brought in Ron Washington, one of the best defensive teachers in the game. Everyone you talk to raves about the great person that Semien is: very attentive, wants to get better, hard worker.... Josh Reddick is a different kind of cat, but he's a pro. Once he got healthy, recovered from his wrist problems, he started using the whole field again. I expect him to have a big year.

Rotation & Bullpen

This year what has always been their strength could be their biggest concern: their starting rotation. I call it Sonny Gray and the What-Ifs.... Rich Hill had only a small sample size in Boston last year when he was very good, but the A's do a great job of gambling on guys like that.... Jesse Hahn pitched well last year, but he had elbow issues, and that was attributed to him throwing the slider. He has a serviceable curveball and a changeup, but he's eliminating the slider, so will he be able to have the same level of success?

Kendall Graveman is a deceptive guy, long arms, real good feel for pitching, probably a legit No. 4 type, but another guy where health is a concern.... The ace in the hole is Henderson Alvarez, he's been throwing great on the side, he's ahead of schedule after shoulder surgery.... Until Sean Doolittle touches 96, I don't think you can say that he's back. They're talking about him adding a pitch, but what's made him successful is throwing that fastball by guys.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/mariners_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Seattle Mariners<br> Record: 76–86<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/23/seattle-mariners-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

There's a lot here to be excited about.... When you sign the type of contract Robinson Cano did, I don't care who you are: The pressure still applies. This guy is one of the best second basemen in baseball, so I expect him to bounce back and have a good year. As long as Nelson Cruz is batting behind him Cano is gonna get pitches to hit.... Kyle Seager is the truth. He can rake and hit for power. His swing is simple, his rhythm and timing are always right on point, you never see him look bad or overswing. They gave him $100 million—I can't believe I'm saying this, but it'll probably seem like a bargain.

They wanted to be more athletic, and Nori Aoki is a slash-and-dash type: understands his craft, extends at bats, puts the ball in play.... Leonys Martin will probably be their starting centerfielder. He can throw, he can hit and he can run, but his instincts on the bases and for the game are lacking.

"Taijuan Walker is like a cross between Dwight Gooden and J.R. Richard or Bob Gibson. The great body, the stuff, the athleticism, the pigeon-toe, he's just freaky out there."

Rotation & Bullpen

Each year Felix Hernandez's velo may go down a tick, but his understanding of pitching goes up 10 ticks. He's the man.... Hisashi Iwakuma, I call him Sinker McNasty. When he's right he throws nothing straight, has such a great feel for pitching.... When Wade Miley was with the Diamondbacks, I think he was the victim of a stadium that could play small; he is definitely going to be a beneficiary of pitching at Safeco.

Taijuan Walker is like a cross between Dwight Gooden and J.R. Richard or Bob Gibson. The great body, the stuff, the athleticism, the pigeon-toe, he's just freaky out there. He's learned how to pitch—he came in there blowing 97, 99, but he realized he couldn't do that for extended periods; he started to command his curveball better, and last year his changeup was his best pitch. He does have to stop challenging guys in certain situations, because he did give up his share of homers.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/rays_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Tampa Bay Rays<br> Record: 80–82<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/24/tampa-bay-rays-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

They're trying to unload James Loney. He's a good defensive first baseman, but they need more power in that lineup. That's why they got Corey Dickerson and Logan Morrison. They're hoping to protect Evan Longoria a bit more.... Longoria's tools are in decline. It's not a huge decline; he just doesn't have the same bat speed or power. He's still really good defensively, but he's getting beat on fastballs that he would have been able to handle before.

Dickerson's a guy who can hit 20 to 25 home runs; I think he has a chance to win a batting title down the road. I've seen him turn around 97, 98 mph fastballs like it's nothing. He does struggle a bit against lefthanded pitching, but you've got to play against lefties to hit lefties.... The question with Steven Souza Jr. is always going to be whether he can control the strike zone. There's a big upside there—big power, big tools. But he has a hard time handling the breaking ball and not expanding the zone."

Rotation & Bullpen

They're going to have good starting pitching, like they typically do, but that bullpen is shaky. Giving up Jake McGee could come back to haunt them.... Brad Boxberger had a good year, but he's not a lockdown guy. There are a lot of moving parts in his delivery. He relies on the changeup as his strikeout pitch, but to do that you've got to command your fastball, and his command hasn't been good.

I love Chris Archer. He's a disciplined kid, a smart kid, and he's a worker. If he wins a Cy Young, I wouldn't be surprised. He's probably got the best slider in the league. It's hard, late—just filthy.... Matt Moore has looked tremendous this spring. His delivery is better. He's more in line, which has allowed him to clear his hips and command his pitches better. He has the stuff to be a No. 2 starter.

<div class="thumb"><img alt="" src="http://cdn-png.si.com/sites/default/files/teams/baseball/mlb/logos/rangers_150.png"></div> <div class="blurb"> <h3>Texas Rangers<br> Record: 88–74<br><a href="http://www.si.com/mlb/2016/03/24/texas-rangers-season-preview" target="_blank">Season Preview</a> </h3> </div>

Lineup & Defense

The biggest question mark will be, who is Ian Desmond? If he can go out and hit bombs, this will be one of the better offenses in baseball. Defensively, shortstops are the best athletes on the field, so I don't expect him to have any problem in leftfield at all.... Robinson Chirinos does a great job with the pitchers, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Rangers try to make an upgrade at catcher.... For a power guy, Prince Fielder has never been afraid to give himself up. He'll bunt, he'll do things you don't expect.... Adrian Beltre is a Hall of Famer. His energy level is incredible, work ethic is still the same, and he's a true leader at third base.... Beltre has accomplished all the things that Elvis Andrus is capable of, but Andrus carries himself like he's already done them. He's an underachiever in a lot of people's eyes—his work ethic has been questioned.

Rougned Odor is a tremendous talent. He has an occasional mental lapse in the field, but his abilities are plus all the way across the board. He can hit and hit for power. He's going to be an All-Star.... I think Joey Gallo's power can still translate, but there's no reason to rush this kid. Give him a chance to become more of a hitter.... I was a little surprised when they got Desmond, because I thought the next man up was definitely Nomar Mazara. My gosh, what a good player. Pure hitting stroke, great setup, nice hands. Reminds you of Carlos Delgado.

"Rougned Odor is a tremendous talent. He has an occasional mental lapse in the field, but his abilities are plus all the way across the board. He can hit and hit for power. He's going to be an All-Star."

Rotation & Bullpen

It all starts with Cole Hamels. Everyone knows what he's capable of. Now if they get Yu Darvish back healthy, you're talking about one of the most formidable one-two punches in baseball. And they have depth now.... When I saw Derek Holland, he was at 91–93 mph, and he's a guy that generally pitches up to 96, but he showed feel for his breaking ball and he pitched comfortably.... With the cutter he added, Martin Perez could be dangerous.

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Lineup & Defense

They've got to be the favorite in the AL, especially with Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion playing for contracts.... I think Troy Tulowitzki just had an off year last season. I know he's been dinged up, but I don't think he's in decline right now. He's still an elite talent—defensively, hit ability, power, plate discipline, everything.... Michael Saunders looks good as their everyday leftfielder. He has power, and he's going to complement their righthanded-hitting lineup big time.... Chris Colabello is a great story. I don't think he's going to hit .320 again, but he could have a good year.

Rotation & Bullpen

Marcus Stroman is a legitimate No. 1. He's only 5'8", but he has intelligence, competitiveness, the ability to make adjustments, and he's got stuff. He's got a cutter, a changeup, and a really good slider.... Marco Estrada has one of the better changeups in baseball. He's a fly ball guy, and a lot of the analytics people are saying he's going to regress, but he knows what he's doing out there.... I'm not completely sold on J.A. Happ. Pittsburgh is a great place to pitch, but this is the American League. A lot of pitching is confidence, and he got a lot of confidence from how strong he finished last year, but if he can be a No. 4 starter for them, I think Toronto will be extremely happy.

There's a battle for the fifth spot, but what I'm hearing is they want Aaron Sanchez to win that job. He's been a little bit wild with command of his fastball, but it's plus stuff. This spring he has been throwing 94 to 97.... .... They're talking about Drew Storen possibly closing, but Roberto Osuna did such a good job last year, I think he'll keep the gig.... They have enough options to piece it together, but down the road they could be looking to add to that bullpen.

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