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Six MLB legends who deserve to have their numbers retired

Now that Derek Jeter's No. 2 is officially being honored at Yankee Stadium, here are six other former players who deserve the same honor.

NOTE: A version of this story originally ran on on June 23, 2016. It has been updated and revised as necessary.

In 2017 a trio of legendary players will receive one of baseball's highest honors, that of having their jersey retired. Derek Jeter (No. 2), Edgar Martinez (No. 11) and Ivan Rodriguez (No. 7) will each join the exclusive fraternities of the Yankees, Mariners and Rangers, respectively. However, that still leaves a number of players who have yet to see their jersey retired. Some, like Pete Rose (No. 14) with the Reds and most of the otherwise deserving players who have been connected to performance-enhancing drugs, probably have little chance of being honored in that way. Others, like all the stars of the 1986 New York Mets, are harder to understand. Below is a look at six of the most notable players who have jet to have their jerseys retired.