• From the end of the 2011 season to the start of the 2016 campaign, the Chicago Cubs' roster underwent significant changes. Here's what it looked like.
By Allen Kim
August 10, 2016

Earlier today, SI.com published its extensive breakdown of How The Cubs Were Built, showing the roster moves made since the beginning of Theo Epstein's tenure as team president that have transformed the club from one of the worst teams in baseball to the best. Another way to view Chicago's radical roster re-do is by looking at its annual starting lineups. Below is a look at the starting nine from the Cubs' final game before Epstein took over—a 9–2 loss to the Padres in San Diego on Sept. 28, 2011—followed by their Opening Day alignments for each of the next five seasons. (Jorge Soler, who started as the designated hitter when Chicago opened the 2016 season with a 9–0 road win over the American League's Angels, is not included.)

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Click on a tab to see the annual starting lineup from each year.

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