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Blue Jays announcer says he won’t use ‘Indians’ in ALCS broadcast

Terry Howarth says that he has not used the term “Indians” since 1992.
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Toronto Blue Jays announcer Jerry Howarth says he will not use the word “Indians” in reference to the Cleveland Indians as the two teams face off in the American League Championship Series on Friday, according to The Star.

Howarth said that he has not referred to the Atlanta Braves by their name since after the 1992 World Series when he received a letter from a fan that opened his mind about the terms.

“He said, ‘Jerry, I appreciate your work, but in the World Series, it was so offensive to have the tomahawk chop and to have people talk about the ‘powwows on the mound’ and then the Cleveland Indians logo and the Washington Redskins,’” Howarth told The Jeff Blair Show. ”He just wrote it in such a loving, kind way. He said, ‘I would really appreciate it if you would think about what you say with those teams.’”

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“For the rest of my career I will not say ‘Indian’ or ‘Brave’ and if I was in the NFL I would not say ‘Redskins,’” Howarth added

Howarth's decision has been met with support on social media.