Picking the 2016 MLB season's 10 most memorable players

From World Series champions to superstar rookies to retiring legends, 2016 gave us a bevy of players bigger than the game itself. But which names will we remember for years to come? Here are our picks for 2016's 10 best.
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The 2016 MLB season was one of the craziest in recent memory. Records were broken. History was made. A century-long title drought was ended. But when we look back on the year and all the players who made it so much fun, who will we remember the best?

As 2016 comes to a close, SI's MLB experts put their heads together to pick their 10 most memorable players of the season. It's a diverse and eclectic list of some of the sport's best and best-loved players: award winners and a world champion, future stars and a departing legend, and a superstar taken from us far too soon. This isn't a ranking of the 10 best players of the year, but rather a list of those whose seasons we will remember most often when recalling the unforgettable 2016 season.