RiverDogs apologize to those offended by Tebow antics

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) Charleston RiverDogs general manager Dave Echols has apologized to those offended by the team poking fun at Columbia outfielder Tim Tebow last weekend.

On Friday in the first game for Tebow and the Fireflies in Charleston, the RiversDogs - which lists comedian Bill Murray as co-owner - took several jabs at the Heisman Trophy winner playing his first full season of pro baseball. The RiverDogs mascot wore eyeblack with the Bible verse, John 3:16 like Tebow did with the Florida Gators.

There were more playful digs, too, like putting ''Not Tim Tebow'' under Columbia players' pictures on the scoreboard during the Fireflies starting lineups.

Echols said in a statement to the Post and Courier in Charleston that the promotions were meant to play off Tebow's celebrity.