Aaron Judge shows why it's unwise for fans to taunt Aaron Judge

These jeering White Sox fans learned first-hand that Judge isn't to be messed with.
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Of all the players in baseball to taunt, there is perhaps no worse target for fans to pick than Yankees rookie Aaron Judge. For starters, he's basically Colossus, standing at 6'7" and 280 pounds. Second, he's amid a monstrous, MVP-worthy season, having hit a league-high 27 home runs. And on top of all of that, he hits those home runs inhumanly hard and inhumanly far, and seemingly at will.

Despite all of that, a handful of fans sitting in the rightfield stands at Wednesday night's Yankees-White Sox game in Chicago decided to let Judge—again, currently the best non-Mike Trout hitter in the entire league and a hulking giant capable of tearing a redwood out of the ground with his bare hands—know that actually, he's bad. Via ESPN's Andrew Marchand:

The White Sox fans in right field at Guaranteed Rate Field were serenading Judge all night with, "Air-ryn ... Air-ryn ... Air-ryn ... you suck!"

Wednesday's game was a soggy affair, with torrential rain at one point halfway through the contest, so the stands in the South Side were emptier than usual, meaning Judge could hear every last jeer. And while, despite the fact that he could probably lift a tank over his head and throw it into the sun, Judge didn't get angry or violent, he did get his revenge later that night.

His game, of course, is better than any active player in baseball right now. So Judge uncorked a line-drive rocket of a two-run home run into the leftfield seats in the sixth. After Judge rounded first, he looked right into the right-field stands at the hecklers—nothing too extreme, but one that appeared intentional. And it was.

“I did," Judge said after.... "I like having some fun with the fans. They were heckling me pretty good out there. I'm not going to say anything to them. I just gave them a little peek as I rounded the bases. I was just having some fun with them. They were kind of razzing me when I got back out there."

Thanks in part to Judge's homer, the Yankees beat the White Sox, 12–3, to move into a tie for first place in the AL East with the Red Sox. Consider this your daily reminder that Aaron Judge is not to be messed with.