Jae-gyun Hwang’s bat drop after his first homer can only be described as a thing of beauty

So much power. So much grace.
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The Giants called up Korean import Jae-gyun Hwang from Triple-A on Wednesday for their game against the Rockies, and he made an immediate splash in his big-league debut. In the sixth inning of a tie game, Hwang stepped up and picked up his first career hit, a solo shot to left. And Holy Moses, was it ever gorgeous.

Look at the grace displayed in this bat drop from Hwang. Full extension out to the left. A momentary halt in kinetic energy. Then, the swift removal of his left hand from the handle down to his side, causing the bat to plummet to the dirt. Goodness, what a cool-ass bat drop. 

The Korean call of the dinger was also very good.

I can only think of one other bat drop I’ve loved more:

Step up your bat-drop game, everyone else.