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The 30: The Astros and Red Sox seize control of the American League while Yankees sputter

No American League team looks as dominant as the Astros, one of baseball's most powerful teams that hardly ever strikes out.

Baseball can be a partisan game. As much as we might appreciate a star player’s greatness from a distance, fans still tend to close ranks around their own favorite teams. It’s rare to find a baseball moment that all fans can appreciate, regardless of geography and allegiances.

All of that changed on Wednesday in Pittsburgh. That day, umpire John Tumpane was walking toward PNC Park when he spotted a woman on the wrong side of the railing on the Roberto Clemente Bridge. Tumpane’s quick thinking, patience and compassion helped prevent the woman from jumping, and gave paramedics time to complete the rescue and ensure a happy ending.

So today, we salute Tumpane, and the people who give of themselves to help others. This AL edition of The 30 is dedicated to those heroes. Enjoy.

Note: Rankings are based on a combination of records, run differential, strength of schedule, recent performance, team health and overall talent. “Last Time” reflects the rankings from the most recent edition of The 30, two weeks ago. We’ll be running The 30 every two weeks all season long, alternating between profiles of all American League teams, and all National League teams.

30. Philadelphia Phillies (27–53 record, minus-91 run differential, last time: 30)

29. San Diego Padres (34–48, minus-120 LT: 28)

28. San Francisco Giants (33–51, minus-86, LT: 29)