WATCH: Byron Buxton Sets Statcast Record With 13.85-Second Inside-the-Park Home Run

Buxton broke his own record of 14.05 seconds. 
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Say what you want about Byron Buxton's hitting abilities, but one thing is for certain: the dude can absolutely fly. 

Buxton, the second overall pick in 2012 and former top prospect in baseball, broke his own record by rounding the bases in 13.85 seconds on this inside-the-park home run against the Diamondbacks.

He absolutely busted it out of the box, and it turned out he needed to—he only beat that tag by a foot, at most. 

The unconventional homer was Buxton's eighth of the season and tied the game at 3-3. While he's still batting just .239, Buxton has been hot of late—he's 12-for-26 with 9 RBI during his current eight-game hitting streak.