Marlins Man tells his side of the fight in the stands of Yankees vs. Red Sox.

By Chris Chavez
September 04, 2017

Laurence Leavy, better known as Marlins Man, says that he served as a peacemaker when a fight broke out during the Yankees and Red Sox game on Sunday night at Yankee Stadium. Leavy went on Pardon My Take to explain his side of the story.

Leavy says that he was trying to take a photo with his friend and asked a Red Sox fan to take the photo. A Yankee fan cursed at them and a lady asked him to watch his language. The man cursed at the woman and then threw a punch at Leavy's friend as they were trying to leave the game.

Video of Marlins Man talking to police officers was captured by SI's Kenny Ducey:

"We started walking up the aisle to leave and the guy started saying, 'F--- you, Marlins' again and he reached over and he punched first my friend in the plaid," Leavy says. "My friend in the plaid then jumped on him and this girl was screaming also. I went and said, 'Oh this is ridiculous.' I got between them and said, 'Guys, calm down. Look at me. Calm down.We just want to go home. You don't want to be arrested.' Meanwhile, I'm holding the guy's hands back and my friend is punching him and wailing on his face and his head. The ushers came and grabbed my friend in the plaid. Then what happened was, the guy was telling everybody that we punched him first so I had to go find the Boston guy who said, 'No, he started it by saying, 'F--- you, Marlins' and 'F--- you, Red Sox.' and he swung first.' Then I had to find the lady who said she saw the same thing."

Marlins Man's full-time job is an attorney but he is best known for being in attendance at pretty much every major sporting event.

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