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Jackie Bradley Jr. is doing some A+ trolling.

By Jon Tayler
September 07, 2017

The sign-stealing scandal currently enveloping the Red Sox (or as some wags have dubbed it, Watchgate) is one of the sillier controversies of the season, replete as it is with accusations, vehement counter-protests, and a whole lot of Sturm und Drang about something that teams admittedly do all the time. But that doesn't mean folks can't get jokes off about the whole dumb mess, and on Wednesday night against the Blue Jays, Boston centerfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. did just that after cranking a fourth-inning home run.

Yep, that's Bradley tapping his wrist after he crosses home plate—a not-so-subtle nod to the role that Apple Watches played in Boston's digital subterfuge.

Bradley wasn't the only one getting in the fun, either. Earlier on Wednesday, starter Doug Fister was named in a report as a player the Yankees had complained was illicitly receiving help via a secret listening device—one that turned out to be not an earpiece, as New York apparently thought, but simply a mouthguard that Fister had tucked over his ear while on the bench. Fister was on the mound Wednesday night and shone once again, and off the field, he may or may not have taken a little jab at the Yankees' paranoia.

Overall, nice trolling job by the Red Sox last night.

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