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"This is the only ahole in Major League Baseball who has been a turd to me."

By Jon Tayler
September 20, 2017

Athletes: They're just like us! That's the case with Rockies reliever Pat Neshek, an avowed and admitted autograph junkie who loves to collect signatures, cards and other baseball memorabilia from around the league. But there's one player whose John Hancock he hasn't been able to get: Zack Greinke. And the attempt to get Greinke to sign got so heated and unpleasant that a furious Neshek went to vent about it on a private collectors message board, calling the Diamondbacks' ace a "turd" and "ahole" for refusing to ink some cards. The full story is below:

So yeah, Greinke doesn't come across the best here—how hard is it to sign someone's baseball card?—though Neshek taking shots at Greinke's social awkwardness (the product of a long-existing social anxiety disorder that nearly drove him out of baseball) feels too far for something this silly. Plus, it's easy to imagine Greinke getting a little fed up with being chased around for an autograph by another player.

Anyway, Neshek seems to be taking the revelation of his angry tirade in stride.

No word from Greinke yet on how he feels about this whole snafu. That said, the two teams are currently in line to meet in the NL wild-card game in October, so he may want to lay low when the Rockies are around.

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