Watch: Mets Fans Start 'We Want Apple' Chant After Home Run Apple Didn't Rise

Mets fans needed something to root for this time of year.
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Something wasn't right after Mets catcher Travis d'Arnaud hit an eighth-inning home run at Citi Field on Monday. 

A staple of Shea Stadium—and now Citi Field—the Mets' home run apple rises in centerfield after every one of New York's home runs. It's nothing fancy like the Marlins' home run sculpture, but the apple slowly elevates while an orange ring illuminates the Mets logo. It's a nice splash of history in a relatively new ballpark.

But as d'Arnaud rounded the bases in New York's eventual 3-2 win over the Braves, the apple never surfaced. It remained dormant in its black hole beyond the centerfield wall. Mets fans took notice after a few moments and began to chant, "We want apple" in unison. Their demands were answered two batters after d'Arnaud homered, and Citi Field appropriately erupted.

The Mets won't finish in last place, but that hasn't made their season any less of an eye sore. From MRI refusals to the disappearance of David Wright, it's nice to see Mets fans get something (an apple, in this case) to rally around.