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Astros–Yankees Gets Weird With Potential Interference, Double Stuck in Fence

This kid didn’t actually catch the homer, but he may have been in Aaron Judge’s way.

Ready for a weird sequence?

Astros shortstop Carlos Correa opened the scoring in Game 2 of the ALCS with a home run that just barely cleared the fence in right field.

An eager young fan sitting in the outfield sparked a bit of controversy on the play after he appeared to reach for the ball and potentially distract Yankees rightfielder Aaron Judge.


Although it’s very clear from the replay the kid didn’t actually catch the home run ball with his glove, the play was close enough to where it fell into a sort of gray area. Judge likely wouldn’t have caught it anyway, but it was close enough to start some confusion online and elsewhere. The kid did appear to stick his glove over the fence.

Houston took a 1–0 lead on the solo shot, before the Yankees tied in in the next half-inning when Todd Frazier hit a double that...

Got stuck in the fence.