• With the Astros in the World Series and the city recovering from Hurricane Harvey, Hall of Fame second baseman Craig Biggio spoke on
By The SI Staff
November 01, 2017

The Astros are one game away from winning the first World Series in their 55-year franchise history. In a year where the city has witnessed a stunning run by its local baseball team while rebuilding from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Houston is just one win away from a moment that the city will never forget.  

Sports Illustrated sat down with Astros legend (and newly minted Hall of Famer) Craig Biggio to discuss how the city has approached recovery to the devastating natural disaster and how the Astros have helped rally the city. Below are Biggio's comments about the last several months in Houston, edited and condensed for clarity.

"It was horrific, it was terrible. You know, it didn’t start here and then when it got here, it didn’t leave here. Harvey didn’t really care what your area code was, where you live. If it was going to get you, it got you. I mean, it’s still around. You’ll go to some neighborhoods and you’ll just see garbage. Just sheetrock, couches, chairs, just people’s homes sitting in their front yard ready to get picked up. There’s certain smells that you just won’t forget. It was really horrific here.


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The decision to come back and play, the mayor wanted us to come back and the fans wanted us to come back. It’s been great for the players and the fans to live through the team a little bit and the success of the team. This is the second time ever in the history of our organization that we’re back in the World Series. And they’re playing for a team, an organization, but they’re playing for a city.

You can’t go anywhere right here, in this area, or even in Texas and not see orange, not see Astros. I’ve been living here in Texas, Houston Texas, for 30 years. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be a Texan." 

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