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Mets Fan Will Take Prom Photos at Citi Field

This Mets superfan won't have your typical prom photos. 

This Mets superfan won't be taking your typical prom pose in the front yard. 

Instead, Callie Quinn will be taking hers at Citi Field after DMing the Mets, who soon got in on the fun.

Quinn, who is from Staten Island, New York, didn't yet have a date to prom, so she asked about taking pictures with the players, according to The Mets responded by saying if she got 500,000 retweets, she'd have a prom photoshoot locale.

As viral things tend to do, many celebrities and athletes made sure to retweet

Then Saturday, Quinn reached 500,000 retweets and the Mets plan to stay good on their promise. 

While her prom didn't fall on a home game, she'll be taking her photos before the game on May 18 with a few not so high school aged guests making appearances. 

Good luck to all those trying to get in her prom group.