Watch: Brewers Reenact Sandlot Scene To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

The Brewers nailed this shot-for-shot reenactment from The Sandlot.
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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'The Sandlot', several members of the Milwaukee Brewers decided to re-create a shot-for-shot scene from the hit film. The Brewers' official Twitter account shared the video on Sunday night.

Stephen Vogt does an excellent job as Hamilton Porter, who hits the ball over the fence and leaves the crew without a ball to play with for the rest of the day. Brett Phillips, playing Scotty Smalls, attempts to try and climb over the fence to retrieve the ball but is stopped by his friends. They peek of "The Beast" on the other side of the fence.

In the film, the Beast is a huge English Mastiff but the Brewers used their a part-Bichon Frise mixed-breed mascot Hank.

Watch the original scene below and then the Brewers' scene:


The full cast of the video can be found below:

Christian Yelich as Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez

Brett Phillips as Scotty Smalls

Stephen Vogt as Hamilton Porter

Eric Sogard as Squints

Hernan Perez as Yeah-Yeah

Jeremy Jeffress as Kenny Denunez

Josh Hader as Bertram Grover Weeks

Chase Anderson as Repeat

Jett Bandy as Timmy