Watch: Tigers Players Debate Whether Sound Says Laurel or Yanny

The Internet hasn't been this confused since debating dress colors three years ago.
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The Internet has lost its mind over the past few days trying to figure out if a popular audio clip is saying "Laurel" or "Yanny," and the Detroit Tigers are just as confused.

Two days ago the audio clip went viral after YouTube personality Cloe Feldman tweeted it asking if people heard Laurel or Yanny. 

The Tigers are just as divided over the question and cannot come to an unanimous decision about what they are hearing.

"I didn't hear Yanny at all," Mikie Mahtook said.

"Everybody has a different opinion, but I clearly hear Yanny," broadcaster Mario Impemba insisted. "I don't know how we can hear something totally different."

Overall, more people heard Laurel over Yanny.