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Marlins Suspend Relationship With Papa John's After Founder's Racist Remarks

As the Marlins has suspended their relationship with Papa John's, MLB has also indefinitely suspended its Papa Slam promotion with the company.

The Marlins have suspended their relationship with Papa John's after founder John Schnatter used a racial slur during a conference call in May. 

Schnatter apologized after a Forbes report detailed the story, but he resigned as chairman of the company.

“The Marlins are committed to an inclusive environment for all of our fans," the Marlins said in a statement Thursday. "Mr. Schnatter’s derogatory and insensitive comments are not at all reflective of the values of our organization. As such, the Marlins are immediately suspending our relationship and promotions with the Papa John’s brand.”

MLB has also indefinitely suspended its Papa Slam promotion with Papa John's Pizza, reports Yahoo Sports. 

​The University of Louisville also said Wednesday that Schnatter resigned from its board of trustees, effective immediately. The football stadium at the school is named Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.