Best of the Boston Police Scanner: Red Sox Fans Celebrate World Series Title

The madness of the Red Sox World Series fans celebrating captured by a police scanner.
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Red Sox fans took to the streets to celebrate after Boston won its ninth World Series title and its first championship in five years by beating the Dodgers 5–1 on Saturday. 

Fans spilled into the streets from the bars and were screaming and cheering as the game ended. 

Here are some of the things we overheard on the Boston Police scanner after the game: 

-"Red Sox are world champions. Game is over."

-"Don't let anyone else into the zone." 

-"Large groups heading toward the Common."

"I got a group of about 70 people, coming out of some bar, the bullpen. ... We're going to need some officers to move them out."

-"They're just dancing out in the street for the cameras."

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-"If we need you, we'll call you."

-"That's not a bad spot to be they can't hurt anybody."

-"Report of people jumping on cars."

-"Are you looking for a bike squad to follow them?"

-"Hundreds of kids crossing at Mass Ave. ... Seem to pouring out from Fenway area and headed over there (to the Common)."

-"They're letting food deliveries through the ring road."

-"Damage to some trees."

-"I can't get through."

The post will be updated as celebrations continue.