MLB reportedly discussing rule changes, including a three-batter requirement for all pitchers and adding a universal DH.

By Scooby Axson
February 06, 2019

Last month, Major League Baseball made a proposal to the players union suggesting a rule that required pitchers to face a minimum of three batters, reports The Athletic.

The Jan. 14 proposal, which was centered around pace of play, could affect how managers use their pitchers and could effectively lessen the role of a set-up pitcher.

Also proposed was using a universal designated hitter.

The union countered last week, built on concerns that there could be some service-time manipulation with players and competitive integrity. The union proposal also included lowering a team's draft position if they don't reach a certain win total over a number of seasons.

Even if no deal is reached, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has the power to make rule changes. including the addition of a 20-second pitch clock and All-Star Game changes that would put a runner at second if the game is tied after the 10th inning.

According to the report, other proposals including expansion of rosters to 26 players, a lowering of the mound study, and bringing back the major league contract for two-sport athletes as an incentive to choose baseball.

The Associated Press has already reported that Major League Baseball has proposed a 15-day disabled list and increasing the time optioned players usually must spend in the minor leagues,

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