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Athletics Player Jokingly Has One Issue With Franchise’s Las Vegas Ballpark Renderings

The Oakland Athletics posted new renderings of their proposed Las Vegas ballpark on Tuesday as the franchise aims to relocate from the Bay Area to Southern Nevada.

The renderings themselves received plenty of social media reaction, with many fans pointing out the proposed stadium appears noticeably similar to the Sydney Opera House.

One post from A’s slugger Brent Rooker also went viral.

Foolish Baseball, a popular baseball content creator, posted a close-up shot of the rendering’s fake A’s lineup, highlighting that Rooker was shown batting .303 in the picture, which didn’t seem likely given his slugging habits at the plate and .230 career batting average.

Rooker had the perfect clap back to this comment.

“Just out here trying to enjoy my off day but instead I am catching strays based on an artists drawing of my hypothetical batting average several years down the road,” Rooker jokingly wrote.

Rooker’s batting average was .246 last season, which happened to be his first full season in the big leagues since he debuted in 2020.

Rooker represented the A’s at the 2023 All-Star Game, as he smacked 30 homers and logged a career-high .817 OPS. But his batting average—.246—was well short of the rendering’s prediction.