Dodgers to Give Gavin Lux 150 At-Bats Before Re-Evaluating Him Following ACL Rehab

Jonathan Hui-USA TODAY Sports
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The Los Angeles Dodgers plan to take their time before fully re-evaluating Gavin Lux. The 26-year-old infielder has gotten off to a slow start this season at the plate, having yet to reclaim the production level expected from him heading into the season.

Still, the Dodgers plan to let Lux have 150 at-bats before re-evaluating him. While it's normal to evaluate a veteran after 100 at-bats, the Dodgers are giving Lux more opportunities and time since he is coming off a torn ACL that caused him to miss the entire 2023 season, via FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal.

Currently, Lux is slashing .167/.236/.182 with zero home runs, two RBIs, nine runs and nine hits. He's done this in 66 at-bats, a number that would be higher if manager Dave Roberts had not benched Lux against the last four left-handed starters the Dodgers have faced. Lux also hasn't batted higher than seventh in a starting lineup this year, further limiting his exposure.

The upshot: Lux has 89 more at-bats before the Dodgers render a consequential verdict on his performance. He'll definitely need to improve his bating line to keep his roster spot secure.

While the Dodgers are utilizing patience with Lux, they have made other adjustments to help with some of the struggles that caused a recent team skid. The biggest: promoting outfielder Andy Pages from the minor leagues for his major league debut during the team's last homestand.

Pages already made a strong impression in the minor leagues and Spring Training, so he was one of the first players to get called up when the Dodgers determined they needed to change their lineup. This move already appears to have paid off, with Pages hitting .258 with two home runs in his first 16 games.

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