Rocco Baldelli Raised a Good Point About Twins' Bizarre Home Run Sausage Ritual

The manager knows meat.
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The Minnesota Twins stumbled out of the gates this season as they attempt to defend their American League Central crown but have now righted the ship and climbed above .500 on the year.

Part of this could probably be contributed to a bizarre offensive ritual out of an Upton Sinclair book that involves rotting encased meat being tossed in celebratory fashion. Because it's baseball and the bros are allowed to have a little fun in the dugout, any homering Twin is richly rewarded after rounding the bases with a little playtime handling of a tangy summer sausage that's being carried around by catcher Ryan Jeffers.

Baseball, right?

Minnesota manager Rocco Baldelli was asked over the weekend what he makes of the development and, through some pretty awesome body language, explained why it's very fun but also a bit concerning.

"I’m slightly concerned as, I’m not even an adult, but slightly concerned as more of an adult than maybe some of the people in the other room, that the package is going to open up," he said. "And the thing hasn’t been refrigerated in many days. And there’s no doubt that when that thing opens up, whoever’s touching it is in deep trouble. There’s no doubt in my mind that we are carrying around something that is very, very unhealthy to the human body."

Look, Baldelli raises some important points. And in a way that won't make him seem like he doesn't like fun. It's very important for him get on the record with a warning like this just in case that thing opens up in a few days and half the team has to miss an entire series so they can stay close to their homebase. Savvy move.

There's a simple fix here and it's for a local Minneapolis meat shop to sponsor this thing and deliver fresh product every day.

Kyle K