Father of Brewers Rookie Got to Announce His Son Getting a Hit in Major League Debut

Rod Black is a former broadcaster and delivered a great moment.

When a Major League Baseball player makes their debut, it's even-money odds that the home broadcast will find their elated parents in the stands and conduct an in-game interview. It's an even safer bet if the player does something memorable and an absolute lock if, say, their father is Canadian announcer Rod Black, who worked at TSN as host and called Toronto Blue Jays games from 2002-2009.

Okay, perhaps that's a little specific but it came into play during the Milwaukee Brewers-Tampa Bay Rays game at Miller Field on Tuesday night, where Tyler Black got into his first contest as a pinch-runner after an injury and proceeded to get a hit in his first two official at-bats.

Quite a pace.

Bally Sports Wisconsin reporter Sophia Minnaert was live with his family for the second hit, which was expertly called by someone with experience in the field.

That's some solid comedic timing. These family check-ins can be a bit stiff as one member always seems a bit reticent to be on camera but Black was down to chew up some scenery and bask in the pride. Had to be a cool moment for everyone involved and they'll always have the video to remember it by.

Kyle K