Giancarlo Stanton Crushed by MLB Fans for Swinging at Laughably Bad Pitch

This was not a good look for the Yankees’ designated hitter.

It's not often that you can turn on a Major League Baseball game and see a player do something that you could easily do. Baseball at the professional level is a very a hard sport and the majority of us would look silly if we ever got the chance to play in a game.

But thanks to a swing by New York Yankees star Giancarlo Stanton during Tuesday night's loss to the Baltimore Orioles, fans everywhere were able to feel a sense of commonality, as New York's designated hitter whiffed on a pitch that was nowhere near the strike zone.

Seriously, any of us could have done this:

That's not the best of looks for Stanton.

MLB fans had fun ripping him:

Andy Nesbitt


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