Blue Jays Player’s Fallen Helmet Blocks Tag, Keeps Him Safe in Wild Stolen Base Play

Screengrab on Twitter/ @JomboyMedia

One of the stranger highlights of the MLB season occurred in Sunday’s game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Cleveland Guardians at Progressive Field.

At the top of the first inning, Guardians catcher David Fry fielded a bouncing pitch from Triston McKenzie. As Fry bobbled the ball, Blue Jays infielder Justin Turner decided to try to steal second. 

Turner was several feet away from the base when he appeared to be tagged by Guardians’ Daniel Schneemann. However, since Schneemann’s glove only made contact with Turner’s helmet, which had fallen off Turner’s head at the time of contact, the umpire ruled Turner safe after review.

Check out the wild play below.

Whether the play was a testament to Turner’s advanced base-running abilities or merely a sheer stroke of luck is for the fans to decide.

The Blue Jays currently lead the Guardians, 3-2, at the bottom of the third.

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Kristen Wong


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